Meal Planning for the Everyday

Most of us wish we could eat more healthily and meaningfully, and feed our families in the same vein. Cooking with intention, at home, in our kitchens, and on our own terms, is a powerful means of fulfilling those goals.

Goosefoot was created with that spirit in mind, to prompt and ease you into your kitchen each week with the critical tools of structured meal planning and true recipes, but it doesn't stop there. Actually, Goosefoot is much more than just recipes and kitchen counsel, but it is a welcome mat to engaging with all the deeper values that everyday cooking, eating and sharing inherently possess. 


Because We're Hungry

There is an absolute ocean of services and apps and cookbooks and general media that exist, all aimed to stir you in the kitchen. But many of them rouse in a limited way, or through a limited lens, and can create a feeling of intimidation, or make cooking appear like a spectator sport or the stuff of hobbies and novelty. I’ve heard time and again from students, neighbors, and friends, and have even experienced myself, that feeling of disconnect, removal, or wanting when attempting to use these resources. 

Goosefoot is more than simply shopping for and making spaghetti carbonara for supper, it engages you with the truth that when we cook, feed, and share, in our own way and in our own homes, we have a real chance to reconnect. In this way, it's a thoughtful, all-encompassing option that helps you really make the most of dinner! 

Goosefoot Knows Good Recipes

I've trafficked in a lot of recipes over the years, as a beginner long-ago, as a parent-cook, and as a professional chef, and it may not shock you that I have relatively strong opinions on what qualifies as a good, everyday recipe. (Most don't, in case you're wondering.) An everyday recipe worth its salt, so to speak, may be rustic in nature, essential and foundational, simple and not complex, seasonally-grounded, multicultural, improvisational and flexible to stir intuition and imagination, often ideal for leftovers (or tomorrow’s lunch), for freezing or for doubling.


Regarding special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten or dairy free, and on, Goosefoot does not deliberately designate recipes reflecting those categories per se. But, what a Goosefoot recipe does do, in that respect and others, is to offer a framework from which most eaters/cooks can make their own, and by using variations offered at the tail of recipes. In this way, a Goosefoot recipe is democratic, and an invitation for exploration and flexibility. In other words, these recipes have integrity and true simplicity. 

Take a look at our Sample Weekly Meal Plan.

What better time than now to
simplify, nourish, and reconnect?


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"Cooking has the power to transform more than plants and animals: It transforms us too, from mere consumers into producers."

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