Working Together

Collaboration between like-minded businesses is so important in this day and age, especially for small business like Goosefoot. Here are some of the wonderful folks I get to combine forces with!

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op

The Mississippi Market is a longtime natural foods grocer in St. Paul, MN, that focuses on local and sustainable foods, with three store locations, serving over 18,000 member-owners. This is where I purchase most of the food our family eats. 

The Good Acre

The Good Acre is a Twin Cities food hub whose mission is to connect and strengthen farmers, food makers, and communities through good food. They offer commercial space for makers, infrastructure for small farmers, on-site cooking classes, and a busy farm share subscription program.  

Shared Ground Farmers Co-op

Shared Ground is a marketing and distribution cooperative owned by seven farms in the Twin Cities region, marketing sustainably grown produce direct to consumers through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, to restaurants and wholesale accounts, and to local Farm to School programs. 


Eating in Tune

Eating in conjunction with the seasons isn't what you think. This down-to-earth, age-old practice limits us in the best of ways. Read more... 

"Mealtime is a time for empathy and generosity, a time to nourish and communicate."

--Alice Waters

Cereal for Supper...

Even we sometimes find a bowl of cereal for supper is the only answer.  But what if it was a homemade one? Check out our Granola Anytime recipe...