Good Questions


Frequently Asked

Can I divide or double the servings on Goosefoot recipes?

Yes. Remember that Goosefoot recipes are frameworks and have inherent flexibility, in their layout and language. My hope is that you don’t overthink this act, or perfectly divide or double each ingredient, but use your intuition when doing so. Overall, I encourage you to NOT to divide the recipes, but make the entire recipe, and store the rest for leftovers, either in the fridge or freezer. Look for the divide/double icon at the top of certain recipes, which signals ideal recipes for that action.

Do you ever repeat recipes and do you have a recipe archive?

Yes. Recipes aren’t meant to be made only once, and we must be careful of novelty. Occasionally I will repeat recipes, particularly since the way children (and many grown-ups) develop their palates is to return to certain dishes and flavors. But I will certainly be repeating recipes that I have the most respect for and the ones our subscribers respond to the most positively. All of the meal plans and recipes in your entire subscription cycle will be archived and available for you in your account for life.

How do I shop for and use these recipes through the week?

We all have our own approach to grocery shopping, cooking, and eating. With that, my advice is to simply be intentional about how and when you shop, cook, and eat, and that may mean applying more structure and thought to the way you eat each week. Goosefoot’s weekly meal plans will work for any of those structures. Refer to the recipes and market lists, either by printing them out or via your mobile device ,when you shop, and shop for only what you are able to make.  

Why do you provide only 4-5 recipes each week?

This is a fine number when you take into consideration that many of us will be eating leftovers on alternate nights, not to mention the occasional take-out, or bowl of cereal for supper, for instance. Making 4-5 recipes each week is a feat, even for the mature cook. Also, you may choose not to use one of the Goosefoot recipes for whatever reason each week, but then still have 3-4 to work with.

Does everyone receive the same meal plan each week?

Yes. Remember that a large part of the Goosefoot approach and philosophy is that everyday recipes should be frameworks, or scaffolding, rather than overly categorized, as is the norm. I believe (and I think you might too) that a new approach to how we cook (not to mention how we eat and share) is vital now. Deliberately democratic, these recipes are for anyone, to make of them their own regardless of their restrictions or limitations, and to learn and appreciate the fundamentals of cooking again. More to the point, most recipes also include variations for the benefit of alteration.  

How did you choose the name Goosefoot?

Well, Goosefoot is the name of a botanical plant family, which includes a lot of wild edibles, such as quinoa, amaranth, lamb’s quarters, some beets and Swiss chard. Some species have leaves that resemble the foot of a goose, hence the name. But beyond that, I just loved the name on its own, for its charm and vitality.

I have dietary restrictions. Will Goosefoot recipes work for me?

I would like to think so. Please visit my "Goosefoot Knows Good Recipes" section on the Why Goosefoot? page for my answer to this question.

Why don't you provide nutritional information with your recipes?

Goosefoot recipes, and her well-rounded meal plans, are already inherently wholesome and healthy, since they rely on real and sustainable ingredients, traditional approaches, and have been crafted with balance and moderation in mind. Knowing that a recipe (or an ingredient for that matter) has a certain kind of integrity, we may liberate ourselves from having to dissect it and reduce it to its many parts. Now that’s radical!  

For Subscribers

When and how often are the Goosefoot meal plans generated to my inbox?

Our meal plans are delivered once weekly, to all subscribers, every Thursday. 

Can I switch my meal plan subscription from my current term to another? 

Yes, a subscriber is able to make a plan change within their account and can do so at any time during their term. That change will initiate immediately upon the end of the previous term. 

Why are my weekly meal plans not showing up in my  inbox?

Perhaps they are arriving to a spam folder, or another folder within your email account. Please check those, and redirect the Goosefoot emails accordingly. If you are still unable to find them, please contact us at

How do I cancel my subscription, and do you offer a refund?

Cancellation of subscription must be done by the subscriber within their account and not via an email request. A subscriber can cancel at any time during the term of their subscription, but there will be no refunds available. (Even after cancellation, a subscriber will still receive their weekly meal plans until the remainder of their term is over, and they will be able to forever access their account and meal plan and recipe archive, unless this business expires.)

I've deleted my current meal plan in my inbox. Is there another way to access it?

Yes, Goosefoot subscribers can access their current and past meal plans via their account at the MYGOOSEFOOT link on the website. 

How do I access my past meal plans, and how long are those accessible to me?

Subscribers will have access to their current meal plan and recipes and to an “archive” of meal plans. Archived meal plans and recipe reflect all the plans purchased within a subscriber’s past subscription terms; those are there for life, unless Goosefoot expires.