Goosefoot Is My Story, But It Is Also Yours

As a personal chef, cooking instructor, and real food advocate for over a decade I have absorbed a gamut of food stories, at kitchen tables and on playgrounds, in classrooms and in markets. What I've gleaned is a profound and common craving to eat well, in a simple and self-sufficient, more meaningful way, despite the fact that there are endless avenues available for eating. 

With that, Goosefoot was conceived. A new-fashioned kind of service, a movement, emerged from the spirit of those stories and my own history in the food field, We need a deeply approachable and practical resource for everyday eating and gathering, democratic and empowering. Goosefoot engages in bigger-picture eating, since the everyday practice of eating is such a multi-dimensional act, a truth we often take for granted.


Skilling Ourselves Back Into The Kitchen 

Goosefoot is a curious sort of service, but not just for the sake of it. Innovation in the marketplace is important, but only to the degree that it truly honors age-old values, such as resourcefulness and stewardship. Breathing new life into the bygone practices of eating and table-gathering, in this case, and refreshing our sense of their value in a busy and fragmented modern world, is critical to the Goosefoot story. Your story, and mine. 

Just as we compartmentalize foods—breaking them down and exploiting their individual parts—we compartmentalize our lives, and we forget that there is a larger framework that we naturally are part of and fit into. When we cook, for instance, we have the chance to find our place again in the bigger picture.
— Kristin Hamaker

Who is Kristin?

I am a chef, parent, facilitator, but I am also a gardener, a cyclist, a writer, and dreamer. Multi-faceted, like you, and all that I am made of is interlaced, braided. And that is how I got here, in the landscape of Goosefoot.

I began as a writer, and a serious student of poetry, and eased my way into the culinary world by accident, but found the transition from writing to cooking easy and fluid.


Trained at the Ballymaloe, a unique culinary school in County Cork, Ireland, in 2005, where I absorbed a truly comprehensive education, learning French culinary technique in the classroom and in the school kitchen, but also growing garden vegetables and herbs, milking morning cows before class, and fishing for shellfish in the frigid Celtic Sea in the afternoon.

Returned home to St Paul, Minnesota, my home, to clumsily but earnestly begin a real foods personal chef service, Farm to Fork, which I cared for and grew over the course of 10 years, only to sell it on good terms in 2015. Somewhere in there I married my best friend, and started a family, and have been navigating life and exploring meaning as imperfectly and deliciously as the next person.

Take a look at our Sample Weekly Meal Plan.

What better time than now to
simplify, nourish, and reconnect? 


All in Moderation

At Goosefoot we hope you eat a little bit of everything, meaning a variety of food groups, colors and textures, every day and every week.


"There's no reason why every meal shouldn't be a celebration."

--Darina Allen


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